See the list of hosting services in which our products perform well

Key Notes:

  • Please note that we provide the name of these servers only as suggestions. Users will be responsible for the good or bad things caused by these servers. Agriya will not be responsible for any of the transactions happen between you and the servers. We suggest you to take a closer look at your requirements and make choices accordingly.
  • Agriya products are not compatible with iPower, Yahoo, Netfirms and 1and1 servers. Functioning of the above-mentioned servers is not suitable for Agriya's products. This does not imply that the support these servers provide are bad. It is just an indication that Agriya's software doesn't work on their servers.
  • Agriya products are compatible with VPS and dedicated servers, we strongly recommend the using of VPS and dedicated servers. It will yield clients to experience the best performance of our products.
  • Agriya products support shared hosting. Shared hosting will be supported in the earlier stages when the traffic is less/moderate or while you are trying to test your website. We strongly recommend you to choose VPS or dedicated servers when your site goes live. Huge bandwidth and storage spaces provided by the dedicated or VPS hosting servers help your website from getting choked while handling big traffic.